…The early childhood education received by Xavier is evident every time we come home from work – from singing, storytelling, and fun activities, my little boy spills it all and even gives us the names of his friends…..

…Believe it or not, on a Saturday or Sunday morning, our child would plead: “I want to go to school…”

…From the start we appreciated the ‘home away from home’ feel…

…What we wanted was a day-care that encouraged our children to learn and develop – the end result being both children starting school at a level (writing/numbers/mathematics.reading) that was beyond their age. None of this learning was forced upon them…..

…The letterland/phonics system Learning Unlimited follow is brilliant and really helps to prepare the children for school…..

…We would like to thank all the wonderful teachers for their caring, nurturing, fun attitudes and most importantly their dedication to early childhood education…”