Daily Menu

We employ a cook to provide a well balanced, nutritious hot lunch, as well as morning and afternoon tea. These include plenty of fruit and vegetables and drinking water. We participate in and achieve the yearly New Zealand Heart Foundation ‘Healthy Heart Award’.

Nutritious hot meals are provided at midday for all children attending our centre. The menu is displayed on a blackboard by the kitchen on a weekly basis. If your child has any food allergies let staff know immediately.


The Healthy Heart Award

At Learning Unlimited we strive to reach the NZ Heart Foundation yearly award for Early Childhood Education yearly award for Early Childhood Education. Tohu Manawa – Kohungahunga by management and staff/educators.

The achievement of this award involves ensuring:

  • high nutrition standards are met and consistently reviewed by staff.
  • High physical activity (active movement) standards are met and consistently reviewed by staff.
  • Children’s knowledge of ‘healthy living’ is extended regularly and a focus on healthy eating and movement consistent throughout the Curriculum.
  • Children to have long term dispositions of healthy eating and active movement.


How do we do this?

  • Teaching, building on interests/knowledge,praise,role play, music,modelling,facilitating, and role modelling.
  • An inorganic garden is maintained by staff/children as a team project to allow children to explore, learn reason, observe and develop the concepts of healthy eating.
  • Literacy and numeracy and EQ skills are emphasised and interlinked throughout our Healthy Heart planning, policy handbook, yearly business plan and curriculum.
  • Staff document how they implement healthy nutrition and physical activities within a Healthy Heart yearly portfolio for the centre (parents are welcome to view this anytime).
  • We celebrate good examples of healthy heart principles; praise the children when they meet them, group celebrations/discussions at mat-time, cultural celebrations etc.